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Tenstorrent AICloud

Tenstorrent AICloud

Run AI, ML and HPC workloads in the cloud with Tenstorrent AICloud. Affordably scale to meet your compute needs, no hardware purchase necessary. Available now.

8 Grayskull Cards
16 Grayskull Chips
1052 Flops
8152 Video Frames/Sec
34095 Words/Sec (BERT)


Tenstorrent AICloud is built for AI & Machine Learning and is accessible and affordable for data professionals.

  • Compute

    High Performance Virtual Machines and Bare Metal

    • 30-60 VCPU,
    • 256GB-1TB RAM
    • 100G-400G OS Disk

    Grayskull Flavors:
    1GS, 2GS, 4GS, 8GS, 16GS.

  • High Performance Storage

    FileServer: 500GB- 1TB …200TB

  • Dev Tools

    Coming soon: Deploy code and monitor performance remotely through our user portal.

  • Tenstorrent Platforms

    Grayskull: Available soon
    Wormhole: Coming in Q4 2023
    Blackhole: Coming in 2024