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Tenstorrent has two distinct
software approaches:

TT-Buda™: Run Any Model Right Away

Great for production customers who want to get models up and running with ease. They want flexibility, but don’t have time to program new operations or contact support every time something changes.

TT-Metalium: Open Access to Tenstorrent Hardware & Software

Great for development customers who want to customize their models, write new ones or even run non-machine learning code. No black boxes, encrypted APIs, or hidden functions.

TT-Buda™ is a high-level software stack that takes in AI frameworks and does a top-down approach, generating a program file to run an AI model on the Tenstorrent hardware. TT-Buda™ has a compiler frontend, which takes the AI model and synthesizes a netlist of operations. This will run synthesis checks and verify that all the functions are supported on the hardware, prior to generating a human-readable netlist.

TT-Buda™ is Tenstorrent’s framework which allows standard AI software to run on our hardware.

TT-Buda™ enables you to run common models like Llama, U-Net, and Yolo or something built from the ground up.

We provide a variety of development tools like performance tuning, place & route analysis, debug, graph review and more

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